Indonesia Pushes Sorghum and Corn Production to Improve Food Supplies

Sep 2022

The Indonesian government is working on a multi-year program to increase sorghum and corn production to ensure food supply and as an alternative to wheat, as the Ukraine conflict has hampered global wheat imports. Indonesia’s primary food is rice, but it is one of the world’s largest importers of wheat, which it utilizes for domestic use and animal feed. As a tropical country, Indonesia cannot cultivate wheat and must import more than 10 million tonnes of it each year. Indonesia’s senior minister also stated that several nations imposed wheat export limitations this year to guarantee local supply amid the Ukraine conflict.

As a result, the nation is preparing 115,000 hectares of land for the cultivation of sorghum next year and an additional 154,000 hectares in 2024, which might be utilized for animal feed and bio-ethanol production as well. As of June, Indonesia has around 4,300 hectares of sorghum cultivation, generating 15,000 tonnes of grain. This year, the nation hopes to increase this to 15,000 hectares, specifically emphasizing the Waingapu regency in East Nusa Tenggara. Since 2020, the province has planted 6,000 hectares of sorghum, with an additional 3,200 hectares planned for this year. Other than sorghum, Indonesia might enhance the production of sago and cassava.

Corn output would also be increased by extending agriculture in several eastern provinces such as Papua, West Papua, and North Maluku. In addition, the government would give higher-quality corn seeds to help improve yields to 13 tonnes per hectare, up from the current average of 5 tonnes per hectare.

(Source: The Straits Times)

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