AQI Participates in Vietnam’s Bespoke Lifestyle Industries

Oct 2020

Aquarius International Development (AQI), a company specializing in high-end travel experiences and owned by the Norcal Venture Capital Group, will invest USD 250 million into its expansion across the South East Asian region. The investment will encompass luxury resorts, yacht charters, premium gourmet and dining stores, as well as online travel booking and membership services, creating an extensive, region-wide eco-system of gastronomic products and services.

Accordingly, the inaugural AQ Gourmet & Dine Store will be launched in Ho Chi Minh City in November 2020, retailing first-class ingredients from all over the world.

After the AQ Gourmet & Dine Store opening in Ho Chi Minh this year, AQI is looking to open additional outlets in Bangkok and Shanghai in 2021, with the expectation that more expatriates will relocate their work base to Asia.

(Sources: Vietnam News; Travel Daily)